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English bundle

English bundle - What ist that?

Package including 3 courses obligatory and 1 optional to be chosen from the English offer

  • Communication
  • The Art of Interational Leadership
  • 7 Creative Steps to Successful Teaming
  • An optional course to be chosen out of the following: Group Dynamics, Professional Meeting Skills, Selling your Ideas and Negotiating, The Art of Being Right, How to Win Arguments, Stress and Time Management, Improving Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency in Learning Communities

Registration and start of the programme is each winter or summer term.

What is the benefit?

  • 1 admission - 4 courses 
  • you get skills in the field of social competence and also in the English language
  • certificate

How to register?

Registration from February, 7th to 13th on UNIGRAZonline for the courses.

Additionally it is required to send an email until February, 13th to: ursula.pichler(at)uni-graz.at
Subject: English bundle
Text: I want to participate in the "English bundle".
I also list my field of study and my registration number.

If you are admitted to the "English bundle", you will have to register for the courses via UGO!!

Please consider!

A registration for the "English bundle" only makes sense if you are really interested.

Please register only if you are sure that you have enough time to attend the scheduled courses in addtion to your regular study.

Preferred admission for students from English master programmes!

Information about acceptance or refusal will be sent per email.


Information Mag. Prof. Norbert Berger MEd PBER (Exon) Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3655


Information Mag. Ursula Pichler Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3639

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