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Information about our Courses

Content Structure of our Courses

Basics of social competence

Communication and self-perception

  • Communication Training (winter term + summer term)
  • Assessment Centre (Development Center – Finding and Developing Your Social Competence) (winter term + summer term)
  • Basics of Rhetoric: Voice - Speech – Presentation (winter term + summer term)
  • Training in Group Dynamics (winter term + summer term)
  • Improvisation and Body Language (winter term + summer term)
  • Gender Competence (winter term + summer term)
  • The Art of Feeback (summer term)

Specialist field of social competence


  • Stress and Time Management (winter term + summer term)
  • Life and Career Planning for Students (winter term + summer term)
  • A Successful Career Entry! Using Self Reflection and Competence Portfolios (winter term)
  • Creative Methods for Effective Written Communication (winter term + summer term)
  • Academic Communications and Critical Analytical Thinking (winter term + summer term)
  • Encouraging Training (winter term + summer term)
  • Learning to Learn Skills: Types of Learners – Learning Methods – Learning Strategies (winter term)
  • Improving Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency in Learning Communities (winter term)
  • Resilience as a Resource (winter term)
  • Navigating the Working Environment for Career Starters (winter term)
  • The Value Assistant – Values and Competencies in working life (winter term)
  • Strategic Decision Making (summer term)


  • Mediation Basic (winter term + summer term)
  • Goal-oriented Moderation. Methodical Management. (winter term + summer term)
  • Conflict Management (winter term + summer term)
  • Conversation Training (winter term + summer term)
  • The Qualities and Issues of Professional Leadership (winter term + summer term)
  • Leading and Being Led (summer term)
  • Process-oriented Leading of Groups and Teams (summer term)
  • Communication as a Factor of Production (winter term)
  • 7 Creative Steps to Successful Teaming (summer term)
  • Outdoor Team Training (summer term)
  • Selling your Ideas and Negotiating (winter term + summer term)
  • Professional Meeting Skills (winter term + summer term)
  • Organisation Training (summer term)
  • Cooperation Instead of Confrontation. Non-violent Communication. (winter term)
  • The Art of International Leadership (winter term)
  • Working with Agile and Self-organised Teams (summer term)
  • Decision-making in a Team (summer term)
  • Negotiating - Fair and Effective (winter term)
  • Dynamics in Teams (The Orchestra as an Example of Team Building (winter term)
  • I. Lead. Negotiations. Military Leadership and Competence in Mediation (winter term)

Social responsibility

  • Intercultural Competence (winter term + summer term)
  • Creating Competence and Sensibility in Dealing with Disabled People (summer term)
  • Practical Social Management Project (winter term)
  • Interactive Conflict Transformation. Mediation in Complex and Intercultural Conflict Fields (summer term)
  • Project Management and Project Economy (winter term + summer term)
  • Organizational Development and Change Management (summer term)
  • Acting Sustainably: Personal Changes Towards a Sustainable Living (summer term)
  • Consulting Competence as an Additional Expertise (summer term)
  • "True Sustainability" (winter term)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (winter term)
  • Fundamentals of Mindfulness in Organizations and Business (winter term)


Head Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Sascha Ferz


Head Office
Merangasse 12 8010 Graz
Mag. Isabella Brandner Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3636

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr: 10.00-12.00 am

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